Collaborative partnerships

Technologist support for grant-funded or academic projects

Collaborative partnerships

We've collaborated with organisations from other industries, providing specialist technologist input to grant applications and grant-funded projects.

In addition to the normal capability and quality requirements of a project, government and charity funding carries additional obligations in terms of eligibility, implementation and monitoring.

Funders may encourage, or sometimes insist upon, collaboration between an organisation operating in a particular industry and an experienced technical partner.

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Case study: Musiqli

To build a successful career in the music industry, it's essential to connect and work with the right people. In an industry where the best connections are made by personal introduction, it's challenging and frustrating to make connections online.

Solviq, as a technical partner, collaborated with music industry organisations like the Welsh Music Foundation to develop the concept of digital matchmaking for musicians. We also secured a grant from Welsh Government, which was used to fund a research project.

The project culminated in the formation of a start-up and its web-based platform, Musiqli.

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