Early stage support

Supporting founders through formative periods

Support through early stages

We've supported the founders of early-stage startups through formative periods, such as accelerator programmes or investment raises.

Early-stage founders may have a solid business vision, but may not yet be clear on the technology strategy they intend to pursue, or even the type of technical leadership they need for their business and culture. A consulting CTO can fill that resource gap, helping to put the project on strong foundations.

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Case study: Startup Bootcamp

Solviq's Steve Talbot joined the founders of a young financial technology (fintech) startup to take it through the prestigious Startup Bootcamp Fintech programme in London, then acted as the interim Chief Technology Officer on a part-time basis to recruit their first engineering team back in Cardiff. This team went on to deliver a minimum viable product using Solviq's open source technology stack, culminating in a successful trial in a major European bank.

Steve is no stranger to accelerators: he has also been through the University of Cambridge business school's Accelerate Cambridge programme with a different startup. Additionally, the Solviq team has been involved, in various ways, in seed investment raises. A common theme is the need to articulate the value of technology to the business.

Steve explains: "If custom technology is central to your business plan, you need the right technical leadership to deliver it. Equally, it's a perfectly valid technology strategy to employ outsourced providers to implement off-the-shelf solutions, so you can create business value in another way. You just need to be really clear about what your strategy is, and where the value lies."

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