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Some of the software libraries we've developed are available under permissive licences, allowing our clients to benefit from experience across multiple projects.

In other words, an open source licence can be an inventive solution to reuse across commercial projects. Understandably though, some companies aren't aware of the intricacies of open source. Fear of the unknown can drive unnecessary risk aversion.

As heavy users of open source ourselves—for example, as development tools, within commercial projects, and as authors and contributors—the Solviq team is ideally placed to help you benefit by using, integrating or creating open source software within your organisation.

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Case study: Conduit

Sometimes we find ourselves solving the same problems repeatedly. If there isn't a suitable off-the-shelf solution, we might have to create software to meet the need.

A prime example of this is Conduit, a family of libraries that make it easy to write API-based applications, without compromising on good programming practice.

Conduit started as a prototype, after we repeatedly hit limitations of existing libraries while working with complex document-based data structures, and we thought there might be another way to go about mapping the data. Our library became a powerful and highly configurable data serializer and mapper for PHP, with associated JavaScript client.

Where possible, we create our custom libraries under permissive, open source licences. This means we can reuse the software, and the experience that comes with it, across projects. Of course, clients still receive full source code and rights to use the library as they wish. Sometimes, as in the case of Conduit, we are able to release the library publicly for the benefit of the wider community.

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