Proof of concept

Feasibility studies, research and prototyping

Proof of concept

We've conducted feasibility research and helped clients prototype digital products and services.

When it's not clear what technology is appropriate to solve the business problem at hand, opinion alone may be insufficient to reach a good solution. Considerable resources can be wasted by pursuing the wrong option for too long.

Research and prototyping can be a cost-effective way to provide the evidence to confirm or disprove a hypothesis.

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Case study: Vehicle tracking using a smartphone

We were approached by a transport and logistics consultant, who wanted to demonstrate to his clients that fleet vehicles could be monitored by installing a smartphone in the cab, rather than using the traditional, expensive hardware solutions that were common at the time.

With hindsight, it's obvious that this kind of geotracking is both feasible and cost-effective. However, at the time, none of his clients were ready to take a leap of faith based on expert opinion alone: they needed evidence that the new technology could save them money, while still allowing them to meet their legislative requirements.

The Solviq team helped our client develop a proof of concept, which he could use as a practical demonstration to his transport and logistics clients.

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