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How can an interim technologist support your business?

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Explore how technology can streamline your workflow and deliver your business goals

Building the team

Help to plan, recruit, retain and establish a reward structure for your engineering team


Support management to develop a strong engineering culture, or to diagnose cultural issues

Process and tools

Establish disciplined development practices, processes and tools to improve product quality


Support management to develop a technology strategy, product roadmap and release schedule

Technology choices

Select the appropriate technology platforms to power or transform your project

Requirements engineering

Analyse the need, establish requirements and identify and evaluate options

Make vs buy

Decide whether to build in-house, outsource or use an existing product


Develop, workshop or consult on your software architecture and database design


Design cloud infrastructure and automate your dev ops, test and release


Introduce helpful metrics to drive customer satisfaction and team performance


Conduct a feasibility study, proof-of-concept, prototyping or research


Uncover and diagnose technical issues, and help the team solve difficult challenges


Investigate team issues such as motivation, performance and relationships with other departments

Independent intermediary

Liaise with domain experts or act as a "customer friend" with an external provider

Due diligence

Review and evaluate existing technology, architecture or process

Founder support

Support founders through a formative period, such as investment or an accelerator


Provide technical input to the business model, value proposition and company strategy


Support an investment raise, grant application or R&D tax credits claim

Find a CTO

Work out what type of technology leader you need and support you to recruit


Provide cover for your technology lead during a period of absence


Mentor inexperienced team members in specific engineering techniques


Work towards meeting legislative, accreditation or licensing constraints

Open source

Understand how to use open source software commercially


Manage the complexities of integrating with or updating legacy software

API integration

Design API-based software products and consume third-party APIs

Whether you're creating a new startup, working on a pivotal or transformational project, or cultivating fast growth, having access to the right expertise will help you find a positive approach and avoid pitfalls.

An interim or consulting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is an external, independent technologist who can support your company in a number of ways.

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